November 24, 2020, 10:22 am

CostSeg Northwest is the premier Cost Segregation specialist in the Pacific Northwest. The founder, Peter Folkins, has been providing IRS-guided Cost Segregation Studies across all industries and property types since 1994. The firm’s prominent market share is due to its depth of experience and approach to Cost Segregation that does not over-engineer studies or push the limits of the IRS. Our approach appeals to owners, large and small, and the result is a long project list that includes many businesses and properties that you will recognize.


Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is an IRS-guided process that enables property owners to capture significant tax benefits and increased cash flow by accelerating the depreciation of building costs. Typically, buildings are assumed to be Real Property (Section 1250) with a recovery period of 39 years. However, many...

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CostSeg Northwest is a Cost Segregation Specialist based in Seattle, Washington.  We have been providing detailed Cost Segregation Studies to property owners and their accountants since 1994. We have a streamlined approach to Cost Segregation.  Our reports itemize ACTUAL COSTS whenever possible...

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Why US

CostSeg Northwest has completed hundreds of Cost Segregation Reports for northwest businesses. The properties range from small apartment buildings and restaurants to large manufacturing plants and regional retail malls. Our detailed Cost Segregation Studies are guided by IRS regulations, tax court ...

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